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Stefanova, Antoaneta
Wednesday, 04 March 2009

stefanova.jpgAntoaneta Stefanova, is one of the three ex-world champions in the field. She learnt playing at the age of four and her father was her initial tutor. At the age of 7 she already became the champion of Sofia, her hometown. She won world youth title in 1989. She is one of the women players that compete successfully against men and her results can be traced back to 1993 which was the time she started taking part in Chess Olympiads and she has participated five Olympiads. She joined the men's team for the Olympiad in ─░stanbul, 2000.

She already joined the top ten of women ranking in FIDE rating list back in 1997 but also won the crown for world championship in 2004 and held the title until 2006. Stefanova won the bronze medal in European Individual Championship in 2007, which she already won in 2002. Last year she won the North Urals Cup, another women's super tournament but was not able to retake the crown for FIDE World Women Chess Championship since she failed to advance to the semi final in her mini-match against Pia Cramling.
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